The word Bombora is an indigenous Australian and means a seemingly shallow area in the ocean, where the highest waves are born. Looking for something special, we are surfing the ocean of books and new ideas. Searching for the highest book wave in your life, you find Bombora.

Inheriting the best from 10 years of Eksmo Non-Fiction publishing traditions, Bombora is heading for the future to bring an overwhelming wave of the best Russian non-fiction in business, well-being, esoterics, fashion and style, psychology, medicine, parenting, cookery, religion, art, sports and more. The most prominent authors and new names explore the most popular topics on all levels: from life hacks for beginners to professional approach.

Our creative team permanently finds new authors and formats to offer our partners unique and differential products. A lot of progressive and spanking titles by Russian non-fiction authors have been translated into a number of languages across Europe and Asia to make Bombora an international publishing brand.

Bombora facts:

  • 30% of Russian non-fiction book market
  • 2 000 names of the authors in Bombora portfolio
  • 2 000 new titles a year
  • 13 000 000 copies sold a year
  • 30 countries already introduced Bombora titles to their markets

We love books and create them for you to open new world, give it a try, grow and develop.

Bombora. Riding the wave!

Catalogue Fall 2019

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