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«Bombora» is a non-fiction publisher and a part of Eskmo-AST Holding. In December 2019 Bombora turns 2!

"Bombora”, previously known as “Eksmo Non-Fiction”, is an Eksmo unit, but it lives quite an independent life being inside the holding. The reason for this was self-identification as a leader of Russian non-fiction book market in 2017. The team remained the same as well as the location of the company, but the new name caused a new wave of inspiration for book creators and customers, lots of new ideas were born as a result of rebranding. Currently Bombora keeps its leading positions on the non-fiction book market publishing new titles in almost all segments: from cooking to psychology, from business to religion.

Bombora is an indigenous Australian word for a “large wave”. In the late 1970s, Australia became a mecca for surfers, and they began to look for this enigmatic wave. Bombora became what they wanted to catch and feel in life. We put it in the context of books.

Books are a big ocean, and our readers are surfers who are constantly looking for a new book wave.

Bombora facts:

  • 36 312 983 printed copies
  • 7 249 new titles
  • 2 292 authors
  • 200 employees

We love books and create them for you to open new world, give it a try, grow and develop.

Bombora. Riding the wave!

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