How to Hammer a Nail in Space.

Sergey Ryazansky

How the preparation for the space flight is organized and how the flight itself is going?

Will you be thrown to the opposite wall of the ISS if you sneeze?

Is there any first contact protocol?

What do astronaut do after their mission is over?

Why fire flames look different in zero gravity conditions?

How to rub your nose while in a spacesuit?

Which food is banned from the space?

What is the baggage allowance for the astronaut?

Why does your hair start growing on your heels while in space?

Russian astronaut Sergey Ryazansky answers more that 200 questions about life of an astronaut, about the ISS and about space industry. The book can be equally interesting to a 6-year-old and to a 95-one. The questions are scientific, amusing, funny, some silly, some unexpected.

Some words about the author:

* Biochemist, physiologist,

* First scientist ever appointed a space crew commander

* Two space missions

* 4 space walks

Therefore, he does know what he's speaking about.

Enjoy the reading and get captured!

256 pages, Hard cover, 2019

Thieves, Vandals and Idiots: Criminal History of Russian Art

Sophia Bagdasarova

All of the crimes, fraud schemes and vandal acts, described in this book took place in real life at some point in history, which only makes it harder to believe in those stories. Besides some adventurous criminal (yet humorous) stories, described in the book, it also includes journalist’s reports on the craziest Russian crimes. You will also find some anonymous insider interviews from the representatives of the modern art market, that shed a light on some amazing details of the dark side of an antique business.

232 pages, Hardcover, 2019.

Superlongevity. Brain, Body, Hormones

Valery Novoselov

Valery Novoselov, geriatrician, neurologist, sports doctor, neurophysiologist. He graduated from the targeted course at the Brain Scientific Research Institute, Academy of Medical Sciences of the Russian Federation. Author of unique scientific research of the original notes by Lenin’s doctors. He has been engaged in gerontology for more than 30 years. He debunked the myth about the superlongevity of French supercentenarian Jeanne Louise Calment.

What is old age? Is it the constant accumulation of defective molecular mistakes? Possibly. But really, old age is the increase of a sudden death probability. That’s how simple and at the same time difficult it is. One of the best known gerontologists in Russia tells about:

-  The Abkhazian longevity phenomenon and the record set by Mrs. Calment — what’s common in these cases

- Biological clock — how to slow down the time

- Do geroprotectors exist and why all of us require metformin

- What are those who are 30 — 60 years old today to expect

- Longevity diet — do we need ketosis

- Short lifehacks by clinical gerontologist

272 Pages, Hard cover, 2019

Where Are My Glasses? And Other Curious Facts about Memory

Polina Krivikh

Cognitive psychology… sounds intimidating and proves to be difficult, but not this time! In this popular-science comic book two students are busy with mind explorations. They discuss scientific experiments with scientists, looking for reasons of memory diseases and give meaningful advice for curing them. This book contains tests and tasks that will help you to train and strengthen your memory.

The comic book is included to the international list of scientific comic books at the website and to comic archives Ivy Plus Libraries.

160 pages, Full color, 2019